Oceanside :: A Welcome Home

We welcomed home my brother in-law, Chris, over the weekend with a homestyle cook out by my sister in-law, Fawn, at her house down in Oceanside, CA. Chris had been oversees for the past year or so and was greatly missed by his brood of 6! The day was spent with great conversation, good food and perfect beach weather. All the cousins had fun running around in the summer sun, especially in the huge bounce house with a built in slide. Johnny especially enjoyed tumbling down head first and belly down. Here are a few images of the fun.


Road Trippen :: Hesperia pt1 & A Birthday

This past weekend my boys and I headed south to visit family. We celebrated two separate occasions on our respective sides of our family. On Saturday we headed down to Oceanside to partake in a surprise "welcome-home" party for my brother in-law who recently returned with the marines from overseas. On Sunday we spent the day in our desert home-town of Hesperia and celebrated my dad's 54th birthday. These photos are a mix of our drive south, our arrival and enjoying the sun at Nana's and Papa's home. Summer time fun at it's best. I will be posting Oceanside photos on a later post. There's so many!

Also, Happy 28th Birthday to my number #1, my husband Anthony. Well actually it was yesterday. I baked him a no-fancy white cake with strawberry filling and as a little joke, cherries on top. He LOVES cherries. We celebrated by going out for a mediterranean dinner at our favorite local restaurant, Asena. If anyone reading this is ever around the bay area, this place is a must!



Lovlies :: June Sponsors

Today I would like you all to meet some of my lovely June sponsors! I have had the pleasure of getting to know these ladies better through their beautiful photography, witty writing and great sense of style! Please hop over to their blogs, get to know them and get inspired. I asked them to share their favorite summer activity and a photograph of their adventures. Go on, make a new blog buddy!


Pinned Down :: Dining Al Fresco

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Summer is finally in full swing. The days are longer and the weather is warm enough to enjoy your meal outside. Any meal al fresco with family and friends for some reason makes the meal taste better and the company so much more enjoyable. Whether you are having a pool side barbecue, a picnic in the park, at a candle-lit dinner or simply on your backyard patio, take your meal outdoors and enjoy the the beginnings of a new day or the beautiful sunset with good conversation. 

My boys and I spent this past weekend in sunny Southern California celebrating very important people in our life. Johnny got the chance to revisit family and friends he hasn't seen in months. He is actually mobile and able to explore and enjoy getting to know them much more now. I have tons of photos to share later on. I have a reoccurring thought of how life continues to amaze me when it comes to Johnny. Watching his interactions with others and the way his features, traits and individual nature unfolds before my eyes is a true blessing. Anthony and I continuously look at each other, like "did you catch that?!" and I can't help but laugh. The first-time mama in me is definitely glowing. Unless he's in total melt-down mode. Which he has perfected by the way. If all else fails, take him outside. It hasn't failed us yet.
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Sponsor {then there was us} In July

Can you believe we are nearing July?! Holy smokes time is flying. My little blog here is trekking along and I would love to thank all of you who are visiting and reading. I hope you are all finding something you love in my little space. My first venture into sponsoring in June went great. I have a couple of feature post coming up next week. If you are interested in joining us for the month of July, well that's great! This is a great way to promote your handmade shop, blog or website and I look forward to building a relationship with each of you!

We are currently offering free sponsorship opportunities on a first come first serve basis. 
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Tasteful Tuesday :: Tea Time

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Do you have a fix, indulgence, act or practice that you do on a daily? Does it make you feel as if your day hasn't really begun unless you've had said fix or completed said act? Well I wish I could say it was running or working out, but my daily fix is a morning cup of English black tea. I am not a snob when it comes to tea, but I much prefer PG tips. Why blog about it? Well, for some odd reason this ritual of preparing the tea, i.e., boiling the water, steeping the tea, adding the flavor etc, is now so common in my morning routine, it has spun off a desire to begin my very own tea cup and saucer collection. 

Every time I walk into an antique or vintage shop I find myself scouring the walls at all their little beauties. The possibilities of presenting them in a modern way could be endless. I could place exotic flowers in them as vases, fill them with soy wax and make candles, use them as jewelry holders and of course save them to have tea parties with my littles. Showcasing a few at a time and with the right coordinating home decor could make them modern yet romantic. I get excited thinking about it. Now if only I had the room to start my collection now. Oh, one day. 
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Do you have a daily fix or amazing collection? Well I'm off to go make myself a nice cup of tea and hope I can enjoy it sip by sip, before it gets cold, or not. C'est la vie.

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Alameda :: Crown Memorial State Beach

Instead of our usual walk down to our neighborhood park, we decided to take little guy for a nice cruise through Washington Park down to Crown Memorial State Beach; about 5 minutes from home. Washington park itself is large enough to have an upper and lower section and is adjacent to Crown Memorial State Beach, making it feel really big. We initially took him to try out a "new" playground, then moved on to playing kick-ball, followed by a walk through the lagoon where he chased after a mama duck and her ducklings, and ended on the cove. This is precisely why we love to live right on the bay. There are so many beautiful outdoor and free destinations that are kid friendly and usually always have great views of the surrounding peninsula. I can't wait to get a beach cruiser, toss little guy in a child seat and cruise some pretty nice trails we've come across.

Hey hey, it's Friday! Get outside and enjoy your weekend!



Tasteful Tuesday :: Horchata Cupcakes

No you didn't read that wrong, I'm a day behind on these little fellas, sorry. Now, if you really know me, you would know I am addicted to horchata. Horchata is a Latin American and Spanish, agua fresca, traditional beverage usually tan in color and milky. The flavors will differ and are unique to its country of origin.  Ingredients often include sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and in Mexico, made of rice. You can often find this special drink in Mexican restaurants and the rice based, ready-made, powdered form in grocery stores.

Due to this "addiction" I set out to find a recipe on the big www that included this special drink. And to my surprise I only found one worth trying. The frosting it called for was more soupy and glazed the cakes similar to a cinnamon role, but if you're into that you can find the original recipe over at Chockylit here. I decided to go with a buttercream frosting infused with horchata. Be warned, these delectable little cakes taste very "horchatary."


Pinned Down :: Summer Hair

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Here are a few favorite pins for the ultimate, beach-style summer hair. I call it "A Beautiful Mess" because that's exactly how I see it. A beautiful mess of wavy curls with fish tail braids thrown in the mix. I have natural curly hair so with a bit of product and quick, no-fuss styling, this look and season have come to be my favorite. Now if only I had the perfect tan to go along with it. What's your favorite summer hair style?

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Little JJ sitting on his pop's lap. Playing and being silly while Dutchess (poodle mix) and Mclovin (Yorkie) watch. I call this his new yoga move. This is how much he "enjoys" dinner when only his pops is around. A close up of our brass San Francisco Trolley Bell chain and the b-e-a-utiful roses Anthony just planted. Oh, and can you resist those cheeks?! I just want to ::squeeze:: them!

(Shot on a Canon XT)


Wordless Wednesday :: Big Slide/Big Boy

We've been taking Johnny to the park a lot lately and we always catch him observing the older children play.  We are constantly running after him when he wants to follow them up the "big" kids slide and finally decided to take him up ourselves. Little did we know he had the big boy guts to want to go down on his own. He pushed off Anthony and giggled the whole way down. Our big boy.



Because I'm Addicted :: His-Hers Summer Wishlist

June is a big month for the main-man in my life. Not only is it Father's Day but his birthday is at the end of the month. So I've started a little list of items he's mentioned to me in passing he would love. Oh, and what kind of wife would 
I be if I didn't include a little set for myself ::wink::



Pinned Down :: Serene Summer

Can you believe June has arrived?! I am in a constant bitter sweet mood as of late when it comes to time. Bitter because time means my little boy continues to grow more and more out of being a little baby and more into an adventurous little boy. Sweet because he gets to experience much more now then he ever could even a few months ago. Anthony and I are beginning to really fill up our calender full of events for the next couple of months. We have surprise parties, reunions, a wedding, a lake trip and lots of seaside traveling planned, and I couldn't be more excited! So bring on summer! Fresh lemonade, helados and paletas (Mexican popsicles), sunblock, outdoor dining and the smell of sea salt in the air, I'm ready...
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{InstaLove} :: Life Lately

Here is a snippet of our life lately, via Instagram. From left to right 1:: Johnny's first trip down the "big" slide. Surprisingly he LOVED it. He wasn't hesitant to let go at all ::sigh:: yet another sign he's growing up. 2:: Strolling the park. 3:: In the fields at Chabot Regional Park. 4:: JJ and his pops, having a moment while walking the trails. 5:: Johnny was in heaven for a whole 15 minutes while enjoying his lolli. 6:: The infamous Tucker's Ice Cream will be my downfall. 7:: Super cute Zoo Lunchies by Skip Hop. 7:: I was recently stranded while my car was in the shop and my good friend brought me cupcakes. 8:: JJ and I had a very nice lunch in San Francisco with our good friends, Michele and baby Sofia. 9:: My favorite blooms, Peonies, have arrived. 10: JJ and mama having a moment. 11:: Blooms from our daily walks.

Have a great weekend.