Easter Sunday // 2nd Annual Albitre-Foran Easter Hunt

It was a beautiful weekend, that you wish wouldn't end. We began with an Easter basket hunt for Johnny inside the house, which turned out great. We knew a great way to have him search for it would be to hide it under his blankie and it was a success. He loved his Easter loot, but the lite up airplane candy fan, his nanners had given him, was his favorite. He loves airplanes and couldn't get enough. 

We followed up with a family breakfast and egg dying. It was a success in that he understood the concept of dipping and dying, but half the eggs ended up cracked and smashed. What else would we expect from a toddler?

After breakfast we headed over to the Trujillo-Foran home for our 2nd Annual Albitre-Foran Easter egg hunt. Because we are both young families and our first borns are the same age, we wanted to begin an Easter tradition all our own. And our second hunt was definitely a success. Except, next time we will definitely tape the eggs shut because we figured out we have two very active toddlers with a sweet tooth. Every egg found had to be quickly placed in the basket otherwise it went straight to their tummies. We now have a full basket of Easter candy taunting us for the coming weeks.

I hope everyone had a great Easter like we did.


Scenes From Our Weekend Pt.2 // Albitre Visit

Here is part two of our San Francisco staycation with my in laws. We took a walk through Haight and Ashbury followed by lunch at Fisherman's Wharf and drinks, for those that could, at Bubba Gumps. I took the opportunity to show Jj the sea lions, and we both enjoyed a carousel ride on Pier 39. It was his first time, who am I kidding, he loved it!


Scenes From Our Weekend Pt.1 // Albitre Visit

We had the pleasure of playing host to my in-laws, The Albitres, Johnny's Nanners and Tatters, this past week. They arrived on Wednesday afternoon and we began our long-weekend, stay cation, by taking them to our favorite local restaurant in Alameda, Asena. They serve the best Mediterranean cuisine around.
We had a relaxful evening at home enjoying our company. Johnny especially loved the extra attention and playmates.
The following day we headed to Telegraph St in Berkeley to check out the shops and enjoy the great weather we've been having. We had lunch at the park and shopped around a bit before heading back home to get ready for our evening in San Francisco.

Our close friend was kind to babysit Johnny for the evening while Anthony, myself and his parents headed to San Francisco. We celebrated Anthony's recent graduation and certification for Inside Wireman from the San Francisco County Electrical JATC. We chose, and thoroughly enjoyed, The House Of Prime Rib restaurant in the Nob Hill district. If you haven't dined here, you're missing out and I highly recommend it.


Instalove // Hello Sunshine / Hello Spring

^^my 30 week bump^^
I'm currently 32 weeks!! Aah! only 6 more to go, can we say countdown now??

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